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CMS 1st Round.

CMS (Court of Master Sommeliers) was something I didn’t think to attend. At least until 2 years ago. Many thoughts, yet I decided to do it.

Why? Years ago I was working as a private waiter in the noble houses in Italy. French-English service, mise en place is taking ages (hours), choosing the wine, decanting and be ready to welcome a special guests. Maybe a former president of France.

This is why we choosing a school, a style of doing, a way to look with different eyes to how to make the best service/experience to people.

Intro - 3 days.

How about blind tasting of 4 wines in the morning at 8am? Maybe one more at 1pm or something like that. 3 MS (Master Sommeliers) teaching and performing. You look at them and thinking: yeah, this guys are awesome!

Hardly-tiredness, region by region, country by country, a massive information about wine and viticulture in only 2 days. 9-10 hr per day. And here we are!

Last and most important day to achieve this little but Big step. 65 questions in 45 minutes (only). A multiple choice test.

Then the second part: nearly like a fine dinning restaurant. A menu, and please do pair some wines to the dishes. But not the simple ones, maybe some Grand Crus, and names and vintages. Opening and serving the bottle. And please, don’t splash the wine on one of Master Sommeliers.

Verdict: passed!



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